deevoweb professional responsive IDX Broker Wordpress Theme

Featured Theme: DWIDX Professional

Our latest theme features many improvements including a rotating background image slider and auto generated links to the user accounts and improved social media buttons. We have incorporated the Font-awesome Icons that you can include in any customization.

The community and blog modules have been improved. Communities now feature nested communities (Communities with Sub-Communities), a custom communities page sidebar, and unlimited addition of quick property links. We have also added School data, a community search filter feature, and much much more

Widget areas have been added to the homepage and sidebar to easily integrate the Omni Bar IDX Broker Search Widget if you so choose.

Built in homepage action items will get your users engaged quickly.

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IDX Omnibar Search Widget Ready

We have taken the time to allow you to be able to seamlessly incorporate the IDX Broker Omni Bar Search Widget as your primary homepage and sidebar search tools

100% responsive design on the omni bar search allow for a friendly user experience no matter what device they are browsing the site from. Desktops, Notebooks, Tables, and Smartphones all perfectly integrated.